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Still our most popular show for upscale events, spokesperson jobs, and college lectures!
We've been getting requests for the Mob Wives like crazy, they're extremely popular for fun events & hosting!


Popular Reality Celebs
04/25/12 : 
The entire cast is now available!
03/17/12 : 
For the freshest announcements on new celebs/avails, follow @reelmanagement on Twitter!
06/16/11 : 
Everyone's favorite Jackass, Steve-O is added to the Reel Management roster! We also now have Kimberly Locke from American Idol ready to appear at your event.
05/03/11 : 
Real World Las Vegas cast now available, we also added Carly Smithson from American Idol and DeAnna Pappas from the Bachelor/Bachelorette!
11/01/10 : 
The new Project Runway cast has arrived, including fan favorite Mondo! We also have added the original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch.