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Still our most popular show for upscale events, spokesperson jobs, and college lectures!
Whether it's Real World or one of the Challenges, the show is still hugely popular after all these years.


Popular Reality Celebs
04/25/12 : 
The entire cast is now available!
03/17/12 : 
For the freshest announcements on new celebs/avails, follow @reelmanagement on Twitter!
06/16/11 : 
Everyone's favorite Jackass, Steve-O is added to the Reel Management roster! We also now have Kimberly Locke from American Idol ready to appear at your event.
05/03/11 : 
Real World Las Vegas cast now available, we also added Carly Smithson from American Idol and DeAnna Pappas from the Bachelor/Bachelorette!
11/01/10 : 
The new Project Runway cast has arrived, including fan favorite Mondo! We also have added the original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch.