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Still our most popular show for upscale events, spokesperson jobs, and college lectures!
One of the consistently top-rated shows on television, ANTM can bring some 'fierce' to your event.

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Ruthie Alcaide (Real World Hawaii) at the U.S. Air Force base in Turkey

When you book an educational lecture through Reel Management, CONTENT IS OUR PARAMOUNT CONCERN! We're the only agency commited to the content found in our lectures. All our educational, topic-oriented lectures are professionally prepared. We only put the cast members who really develop a quality lecture on our roster - no one shows up and 'wings it'. Each is uniquely qualified to discuss their topic, we take their content very seriously.Project Runway's Mondo Guerra at USC

Of course, there are options for fun as well - have a Project Runway cast member teach a patternmaking class, discuss the fashion industry, or judge a fashion competition in addition to talking about their experiences on the show. Bring a Real World cast member to host an event or party on campus and hang with the students afterwards. In fact, while certain shows are airing we can hold viewing parties with the cast members on the actual show! The options are endless, and range from a fun, crazy event to a serious and sobering discussion group. The choice is yours.

Be sure to check out our roster link at the top of this page for our current performers  and topics. Many of these lectures have been performed hundreds of times at schools around the US, and the world! If you don't believe that they can provide high-quality content, just call us...we'll discuss it with you and set your mind at ease that these celebs really can deliver the goods.

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