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One of the consistently top-rated shows on television, ANTM can bring some 'fierce' to your event.
For upscale and glamorous events, the Real Housewives are in hot demand!

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MO.com interview with Marc Marcuse on starting a successful business.

July 2011 Playboy article on the dark side of Reality TV (really, read this Playboy for the articles!). Marc Marcuse of Reel Management is quoted in the article.

CBS Sunday Morning News discusses reality television and its societal impact (includes commentary from Marc Marcuse of Reel Management)

The News & Observer commenting on which reality stars create a career post-fame.

MSNBC story on reality celebs and bookings (featuring Reel Management)

NY Times article on reality television and alcohol abuse (quoting Marc Marcuse from Reel Management

NY Times discusses post-reality television life and celebrity (featuring Reel Management, embarassing photo included!)



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