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One of the consistently top-rated shows on television, ANTM can bring some 'fierce' to your event.
Whether it's Real World or one of the Challenges, the show is still hugely popular after all these years.

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Promotional & Corporate Events

Nick Verreos Interviewing Kelly Osbourne at Macy's

Whether you're organizing product launches, street marketing events, promotional tours, print/video/internet media campaigns, internal corporate events, or other unique scenarios, booking a reality cast member can drive attendance and cause the buzz you're looking for!

Reel Management has booked talent for both customer-oriented and business-to-business events for world-class companies including Macy's, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, R.J. Reynolds, Bahamas Fashion Week, Forest City Malls, Comedy Central, Viacom, and more. We provide easy accessibility and turnkey results for plugging in the perfect celeb to host or participate in your event. We are happy to work with external PR/marketing agencies or directly with corporate clients.

Because Reel Management has such an extensive listing of talent available, just about any event has an appropriate celebrity that can increase interest in your target demographic. Creating an event that focuses on product design or is upscale and fashionable? Bring a Project Runway cast member. Targeting a college-age party crowd? Real World is the way to go. Looking for some hot girls that drive male attendance? Then Rock of Love or I Love Money girls can create the excitement you're looking for.

Let us know your event's target demo, budget range, and the date(s) - Reel Management will handle the rest!


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